FOUR Destinations that are less expensive than they look…

FOUR Destinations that are less expensive than they look…



Not only is Belize a relatively cheap flight out of Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) on Southwest Air, but it is a relatively inexpensive vacation all together. Now I will say, the touristy areas can get super expensive, but once you consider the price of local street food and liquor from the corner stores in Belize City, it’s actually quite affordable. The currency conversion rate is $1 USD = $2 BZD (literally making everything feel like half price). Check out our tour itinerary below! Now I will admit, tour prices were higher than I imagined! But, when I saw how far we had to travel from Belize City to see the ruins and the waterfalls, I was no longer surprised.



While Cuba maintains a $1 to $1 currency rate with the United States, the overall price to spend a week in Cuba should not really exceed $1,000. That includes flight! I recently priced a Spring Break trip from NYC at $905.

That included:
Flight: $450pp JetBlue directly into Havana from JFK (Visa $50)
Lodging: $680 Airbnb – Based on 4 Travelers ($170pp)
All Tours & Activities – $235pp



I was able to do a week and change in Bali for under $1,500. That included flight (China Southern $589 JFK), a 7-bedroom villa with a pool and personal waitstaff ($415), tour and activities, and my spending money!! The currency conversion rate is $1 to 14,000 Rupiah! After I converted my money, I was a millionaire ballin’ out on food and $10 massages!! Beware of tourist trap bars & restaurants though! They will charge you US prices in Rupiah for drinks ($10) and you can easily spend more than anticipated… especially if you’re drinking drinking!

Villa Phinisi



Thailand may be about the cheapest, luxury situation in the world!! While $1 USD = 31 Bhat, the reality is…. between the street food, bike tours, and cooking class, there’s no need to pay more than a few hundred beyond the astronomical flight. What I loved most about Thailand was the amazing street food. The restaurants that often seemed “suitable” to tourists were just watered-down versions of what could have been an amazing $2 dish on the corner.

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