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The Traveling Black Women® Network is a travel network that has been curated to increase the representation of Black female travelers in international tourism and travel. Our network seeks to support novice and experienced travelers through opportunities for engagement, connection, and communication. The Traveling Black Women Network is a subsidiary of Grace Royal International, LLC.

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Travel Guides 

We are expanding our series! More guides coming soon. 

Diary of a Traveling Black Woman: A Guide to International Travel

This interactive guide offers a general view of what it means to travel internationally, especially as a Black Woman. This guide is the perfect gift for new travelers. 

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the 5 other Emirates you didn’t know about…

If you are planning to visit Dubai, this is the book for you. This book offer tidbits on  Shariah Laws and other cultural norms that you need to know before visiting.

Jamaica: Likkle, but Tallawah

 Jamaica is a destination for every type of traveler – the relaxers, the partiers, the adventurers, couples, singles, families, and even those doing it solo. Shadeyka  offers the guidance you need to plan an amazing trip to Jamaica.  As you read, you will feel the author’s genuine love for her Jamaican roots pour through!

Studying Aboad
for Black Women

This interactive guide offers students a clear journey through the process of studying abroad. Through the unique lens of a Black woman, Adriana walks readers through making the decision, speaking with your parents, preparing to leave, and returning home.

Solo Travel:
Try it At Least Once!

If you’ve been giving any thought to traveling solo, this is the book for you! Author Marilene Shane eases your fears with stories of her own experiences and information that ensure a safe, purposeful, budget-friendly trip! 

Nature, Nurture & Adventure

 Iceland is much more than a destination. Iceland is an adventure. This book is written by and for the traveling black woman who is curious and eager to experience Iceland’s incredible landscapes, unique foods, rich culture and strong sense of tradition.

More Than Just Carnival

Trinidad Carnival is arguably the BEST carnival celebration of the Caribbean Islands. But… There is more to Trinidad than Carnival. This guide will offer you a glimpse into true Trini culture… Carnival and beyond!

Land of the Setting Sun

This interactive guide offers a general view of what it means to travel internationally, especially as a Black Woman. This guide is the perfect gift for new travelers. 

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