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Our international travel guides tell the story of Black women who have lived and worked abroad.  Through their eyes, other Black women can prepare the perfect travel experience for themselves.

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TBW Approved Agents are Travel Agents and Consultants within our network who are committed to offering you stellar travel opportunities. 

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The Traveling Black Women Network is a travel education network curated to provide information to Black women on international travel. Our network seeks to support novice and experienced travelers with safely planning their next trip. We have a collection of travel guides, approved agents, preferred suppliers, and an online travel group to provide the education and access needed to confidently travel internationally.

Our travel guides are written by Black women for Black women. Of course you can pick up any travel guide in the world, or even google any destination, to plan your trip. But, if you’ve ever paused to ask, “What is it like for Black women?” then our travel guides are for specifically you. These guides offer an authentic view of what to expect as travelers, but more specifically as Black female travelers.

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Diary of a Traveling Black Woman: A Guide to International Travel 

The Authors


Danielle Desir

Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure

Brittany Edwards

Taiwan: An Underrated Paradise

Simone Edwards

Guatemala: Central America’s Hidden Gem

Satarra Leona

Morocco: Land of the Setting Sun

Kishema P. Malik

South Africa: A Quick Guide to Cape Town & Jo’burg

Marilene Shane

Solo Travel: Try It At Least Once!

Adriana Smith

Studying Abroad for Black Women

Shadeyka Warren

Jamaica: Likkle, but Tallawah

Nadine C. Duncan

Diary of a Traveling Black Woman, Dubai & Trinidad