Stop Playing & Take that Cheap Spirit or Frontier Flight!

Stop Playing & Take that Cheap Spirit or Frontier Flight!

Heading to Atlanta Airport

Ok, I’ll be honest… I’m not the biggest fan of the bare fare movement on airlines. The restricted baggage situation, the seats that recline 0.35 centimeters back, and the flight attendants who are either really corny or really temperamental don’t excite me at all…. 

BUT, in the event that I need to get up and get out of dodge for sec, a cheap Spirit or Frontier flight will actually suffice…. here’s why:

It’s better to Pack Light.

  • We’re actually better off packing light. Lugging a bunch of unnecessary stuff is a waste of energy. If you’re planning on a quick weekend trip, plan out your trip and take only what you need. Get yourself some packing cubes to help condense and organize things and you’re good to go. 
This mini carry-on, or “under the seat bag” is the required personal item size! All you need is two packing cubes (a small one for your undies & one medium sized for your outfits) and you should be able to get a weekend’s worth of clothes in here! Wear a small fanny pack if you need somewhere to put your wallet and boom, no carry-on fees.
  • Both flights are actually pretty smooth. The “cheapness” of the ticket makes us feel like we are about to push the plane ourselves, but I’ve never experienced turbulence or any other flying concerns that I hadn’t also experienced on other airlines. To be honest, the difference for me is that Spirit always seems to have a lot of commotion and attitude at the gate. That can put a sour taste in your mouth before you board and remain until you deplane. For me, that adds to the perception of it being a crappy airline… but if you consider the price of the ticket… you’ve gotta consider the salary of the workers…

It’s not that serious…

  • You just need to get from Point A to Point B. Let go of the idea that everything you do needs to have some type of image attached to it so you can post it on IG and make folks jealous. It doesn’t. Folks are going to be jealous anyway OR they’ll be happy for your anyway. You just need to get to where you’re going and enjoy yourself. Unless you’re an avid First/Business Class Flyer, your experience really won’t be all that different on a cheap Spirit or Frontier flight.
Sprit & Frontier meme

It’s worth the savings…

  • You’ll cover more ground traveling if you just say f*ck it and hop on one of these airlines. They’ve really got some pretty good deals.
  • For example, I had to attend a conference in Oklahoma City (OKC) in March 2019. Prices to flight out of ATL to OKC were $700 – $1,200 RT? The fact that I could pay $589 to get to BALI from NYC, would not allow me to pay that much AT ALL. I did some digging and was able to get the whole thing down to about $385 RT. I hopped on a $58 Frontier flight (one-way) from ATL to Denver (DEN), then a $99 Economy flight on United from DEN to OKC. Coming home was different. It was still ridiculously expensive to fly back into ATL one-way, so I added a third leg to my trip. I flew Frontier from OKC back to DEN for $178. DEN to Baltimore (BWI) on Spirit for a whopping $38. And finally, BWI to ATL for free with my Delta Points (plus $11 taxes). Sounds like a lot, but those $38 and $58 flights were perfect and I got to explore the food of different airports…

As another example, check out my vlog on Nicaragua! I flew there on Frontier and had a ball!

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