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5 Experiences You Need on Your Quito Itinerary

Not sure what to add to your Quito Itinerary? I’ve got you covered. Quito, Ecuador, the city in the “Middle of the World,” is rich in history, has stunning landscapes, and offers the warmest hospitality. I was fortunate to visit with a group of High School students in 2019 and again with 7 other travel…
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Embracing the Healing Wonders of the Enchanting Mashpi Lodge

In the heart of Ecuador’s lush rainforest lies a hidden gem – Mashpi Lodge, a haven where nature’s healing power intertwines with luxury and adventure. The absolute perfect place for Black women seeking an extraordinary, yet rejuvenating, retreat into nature. Where is Mashpi Lodge located? Mashpi Lodge is located in the heart of the Ecuadorian…
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