Safety in Nairobi: How to travel safely through Kenya’s Capital

Safety in Nairobi: How to travel safely through Kenya’s Capital

Traveling Black Women at Tribe Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya

Embarking on a journey to Kenya and concerned about safety in Nairobi?

Safety is paramount for women while traveling, and Nairobi is no exception. Nairobi is a bustling city that requires travelers to be alert and prepared throughout their travels.

Most travelers to Kenya, myself included, only stay about a night or two in Nairobi before venturing out to indulge in African safari trips in Samburu or the Maasai Mara.

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Familiarize yourself with local customs and dress codes to blend seamlessly into the vibrant tapestry of Nairobi–especially if you are traveling solo or in a small group. Trust your instincts, be aware of your surroundings, and keep a positive spirit – locals are often more than happy to assist.

Here are three essential tips to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience in Nairobi, Kenya.

Connect with other Traveling Black Women:

Nairobi is a city that thrives on its community, and Black women from all over the world are warmly embraced. Consider joining local expat groups before your trip or online groups to connect with fellow travelers and/or Nairobi residents. Not only will you gain valuable insights, but you’ll also build a network of like-minded sisters ready to share tips and experiences.

Stay in centrally located accommodations:

Opt for reputable accommodations, well-lit streets, and trusted transportation services to ensure you Safety in Nairobi. If you are traveling solo, be sure to organize your transport in advance or through your hotel.

Nairobi has a number of gorgeous five star hotels. I had the pleasure of staying at both Tribe and Trademark Hotels during my time in Nairobi. Both hotels have amazing bars and restaurants and are conveniently close to Nairobi most bustling shopping centers.

Build a solid itinerary with reliable transportation:

Ditch the tourist traps and build a solid itinerary exploring Nairobi’s lesser-known treasures.

Karura Forest offers a serene escape from the urban hustle, with lush greenery and waterfalls providing a peaceful retreat.

Engage in a walking safari at Nairobi National Park, where you can witness majestic wildlife against the city’s skyline – an experience like no other!

Explore local markets for fresh produce, and don’t miss out on trying Nyama Choma – Kenya’s succulent grilled meat.

Take a Swahili cooking class to immerse yourself in the art of Kenyan cuisine

Or stop by the Giraffe Center and feed the endemic Roth Giraffes.

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