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8 Amazing Destinations for Educators in 2024

There are so many amazing destinations for educators to consider in 2024… Here are 8 that I would suggest putting on your list… I will never forget the time I went to Egypt in 2013 and immediately wanted to redo an entire unit I taught in 2006. After being in Egypt, I realized that the…
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How to Unclutter Your Finances & Start Traveling

It’s time to start traveling!!! And, with a few tweaks to your finances, you can! Traveling is the single most valuable resource in the world. While material things break and disappear, a true cultural experience outside of your comfort zone has the power to stretch your mind and change you for the better. Such experiences…
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Stop Playing & Take that Cheap Spirit or Frontier Flight!

Ok, I’ll be honest… I’m not the biggest fan of the bare fare movement on airlines. The restricted baggage situation, the seats that recline 0.35 centimeters back, and the flight attendants who are either really corny or really temperamental don’t excite me at all….  BUT, in the event that I need to get up and…
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